The responsiveness of many website areas in our websites, like the header and footer sections, are automatically designed to shift their content to create a readable mobile display.  There are also some Responsive Utilities provided by the Post and Page Builder that allow you to select the device type and change how your content looks for difference screen sizes.

You can control global typography from the WordPress customizer inside of the Appearance < Customize < Fonts section.

control fonts in crio


To take it a step further if you would like to remove the auto-hyphens for Headings and Sub-Headings in your content you can add this “CSS” snippet to the CSS/JS editor section of your customizer:


.palette-primary .h1, .palette-primary .h2, .palette-primary .h3, .palette-primary .h4, .palette-primary .h5, .palette-primary .h6, .palette-primary h1, .palette-primary h2, .palette-primary h3, .palette-primary h4, .palette-primary h5, .palette-primary h6 {
word-wrap: normal;
hyphens: manual;
-webkit-hyphens: manual;

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