Setting a Background Image

I always get questions about changing the homepage background image of my QuickStarter WordPress theme.  Your Homepage is controlled by your BoldGrid <a href=””>Post and Page Builder</a>  plugin.

If you click “edit page” you can change the background image of a section by hovering over the section and using the “DropTab” to change the background for the upper section.

change background post and page builder

Using the “background” tab you’ll have control over background images, colors, animations and so on.

Something else to note, after updating content you’ll sometimes need to purge any cache associated with your website. What happens is, site elements are cached into the database for performance purposes, so after you make changes you always want to go back and clear all cache associated with your website after each update. This includes browser cache, server side cache, and plugin related cache.

One way you can verify that the changes have taken effect is to try pulling up your site in an incognito browser. The incognito or private browser will ignore most caches and generate the latest version of your website.

I hope this helps! Please reach back out to us if you have any other questions.

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