QuickStarter WordPress Themes

Our QuickStarter themes make getting your WordPress site up and running effortless.  Let us lay the foundation for website and then it’s up to make it your own.  These QuickStarters are fully functional out of the box and come with free site backups and on page SEO!


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car rental service wordpress theme sitesbyyogi

Car Rental Service

Service business theme for independent car rental service.  Ride share companies can use this theme as a point of contact and couple it with an app for maximum results. 

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pet grooming wordpress theme sitesbyyogi

Doggy Daycare

Do you run a gig business on the side? Doggy Daycare was created for you!  Organize your client list, accept payments and keep them in the loop with this beautiful QuickStarter WordPress Theme!

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Personal Trainer

Created for Personal Trainers, Chefs, Nutritionist and similar.  Handle client bookings and showcase your services in style.

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Wing Spot

Wing Spot was created with mom and pop restaurants and food trucks in mind.  Complete with everything you need to showcase your best dishes and display your menu in style.

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barbershop wordpress theme


Perfect website theme for barbers, stylist, tattoo parlors or any service business.  

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Beauty Salon

Booking ready and WooCommerce approved. Perfect website theme for beauty salons, makeup bars, stylist, tattoo or any service business.  

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clothing store e-commerce wordpress theme

Online Clothing Store

A great starting place for any E-Commerce website.  This QuickStarter is WooCommerce ready out of the box complete with fully designed shop pages to make adding new products a breeze.

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real estate wordpress theme sitesbyyogi

Real Estate

Showcase your listings, build a community and keep an open line of communication with your clients.  My Real Estate QuickStarter will allow you to do just that!

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music production company wordpress theme

Production Company

Created for artist, labels, producers, podcast and vlogs and more. This theme was designed to help you showcase and sell your music on your own platform allowing you to choose how it’s distributed.

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mobile detail wordpress theme sitesbyyogi

Mobile Detailing Service

The Mobile Detailing Service QuickStarter was created with everyday hustlers in mind.  I included everything you need to hit the ground running.  Just plug in your content and started sending customers to your site.  It’s that easy!

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soap bar wordpress woocommerce theme

Soap Bar

The perfect E-Commerce QuickStarter for any industry.  Complete shop pages, galleries, contact forms and more.  WooCommerce ready as always!

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home healthcare wordpress site sitesbyyogi

Home Healthcare Company

This QuickStarter theme showcases full service pages, contact forms, a premium page builder and more.  Created for healthcare but perfect for any service industry! 

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