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In WordPress your theme represents the overall layout and design of your website.  There are 1000’s of WP themes to choose from but it’s important to know that all themes are NOT created equally!

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Our recommended WordPress Plugin Stack

Your plugins are the heart and soul of your WordPress site.  This is how the website will get most of it’s functionality.  It’s important to run powerful yet lightweight plugins that will benefit and not hurt your website. 

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Search our Knowledgebase to find quick answers to your questions.  We have support guides and tutorials for everything from WordPress, to cPanel, Web Hosting and site Security and Automation.

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Website Onboarding

Lets get started on your site right away! My onboarding process is quick and easy, it also helps me collect all the information I need at one time to keep contacts to a minimum. Be sure to fill out all required fields and be as detailed as possible.

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