I’m Yogi!

A SuperStar WordPress Developer


What’s up world, I’m Yogi! I’m a WordPress superstar and just all around cool dude from Portsmouth VA, educated in Atlanta, GA, and now residing in Richmond, VA. 

A little birdy once told me one time, that education is the greatest gift that one man could ever give to another, so I created this blog to share my knowledge of WordPress with the world.  I blog about WordPress theme and plugin Development, WordPress performance, Search Engine Optimization and just life in general.  My goal is to help my readers learn the WordPress and Front-end Development skills necessary to bag your next job, or just make your next web project a success. 

I want SitesByYogi to be a resource to everyone.  No matter if you’re looking for general tips and hints, need help creating a new WordPress theme for your brand or business, even if you need help setting up your Domain Name and Web Hosting. Whatever the deal I’ve got you covered.  I have working relationships with a number of qualified Designers and Web Hosting specialist that allow me to offer some pretty specialized Cloud Hosting Services.

WordPress Hosting Resource Guide

It was All A Dream

How it started. . .

I started my WordPress journey in 2015 by learning Front-end web design on FreeCodeCamp.com.  From there I used Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning) to gain enough knowledge to land my first WordPress Developer job working for a Residential window tinting company in Alpharetta, Ga.  They pay was kind of whack but it gave me the time and experience I needed to build my resume up and start freelancing.

I freelanced for about 6 months but quickly realized it wasn’t for me.  The freelancer platforms were overcrowded and bidding on clients was always a dog fight to the bottom.  I just felt like there was a lot more I had to offer to the world. That’s when I started developing WordPress themes and plugins to sell on marketplaces like ThemeForest.  I must say it was the best decision I ever made.

“Focus: To adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly”

Dream Fulfilled

How it’s going. . .

Speaking of great decisions.  WordPress theme and plugin development is not easy and can be a long and tedious process.  I already knew this so I decided to go and find a job in a WordPress related field to keep me going until my stuff got off the ground, and that’s when I got with the BoldGrid Product Development team.

I realized that yes, I want to create my own specialized WordPress products, but taking a product and helping to make it better for its users was just as fulfilling for me. Since then I’ve taken the best of our BoldGrid products and coupled them with my already super efficient WP_Nfinite Cloud WordPress suite to create a high performing and truly dynamic Cloud WordPress Hosting platform.   


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WordPress Quickstarter Themes

My QuickStarter themes were designed to give my users the tools needed to get their WordPress websites up and running online quickly and with as little effort as possible.  I already did the legwork and put together the best theme, plugins, customizations, and optimizations to help you stand out from the pack and sell like a pro.