About Yogi



What’s up guys, My name is Brandon but my friends call me Yogi!  No worries, I answer to both!  I’m a WordPress Developer and Support Specialist based out of Richmond, Va.

My Mission is to help create the websites that power the world and share my knowledge of WordPress and programming along the way.


I wasn’t born a WordPress Developer, I truthfully stumbled upon the platform wayyyyy back in 2008 while trying to build a showcase site for my first love, music!

The site I built pretty much sucked but I found that I enjoyed the content creation and design process almost as much as I enjoyed writing and recording music.  Back then it never even occurred to me that I was laying the foundation to a skillset that would one day take center stage in my life. 


In addition to a musician (that rhymes, see told you I’m nice!), I’ve been a party/club promoter, creative director of a commercial window tinting and blinds company and I also started an online print shop with a flyer deliver service.  My print customers would constantly ask if I built websites and with all the talk of “Print” being a dying industry I decided to try my hand at web design. Naturally I chose WordPress as my preferred content management system but I knew I needed to learn how to code to truly unlock the power of the platform.


My first coding experiences came from FreeCodeCamp and Lynda.com.  I learned front-end web design concepts and languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as PHP on the backend and advanced WordPress ideologies.  Eventually I gained enough knowledge to shut down my print business and completely revamp as a Freelance WordPress Developer.   Freelancing was rough in the beginning but I was eventually able to carve out a niche for myself as a WordPress Theme & Plugin Support Specialist.


Today I work full time as a WordPress Support Specialist, working directly with the BoldGrid Development team providing support for Themes, Plugins and Marketplaces like: Crio WordPress Theme, BoldGrid Post and Page Builder, Total Upkeep Backups and Migrations Plugin, WeForms contact form plugins, W3 Total Cache, the entire Elegant Marketplace and WooCommerce to name a few. 


My Services include, WordPress Support plans, QuickStarter WordPress Themes, Performance and SEO, WordPress Security and web hosting assistance.  I can help with likes like choosing a domain name and configuring a web hosting account, setting up a blog or website, site speed and search engine optimization and support for just about any other WordPress related topic that you could think of.


Drop me a line if you want to get in contact about your project.  You can also find me all over the web @SitesByYogi